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Our luxury spa provides unmatched beauty and wellness programs at our flagship locations as well as in the comfort of your own home, whether privately or in groups.

We now invite you to experience our wide array of services at our brand-new facility or any location of your choice while enjoying a tranquil environment with our certified therapists.

The founders of Revive Spa


Started bringing professional and modern spa services to the UAE in 2015 when XpresSpa Middle East signed with Dubai airport authorities for spa services in terminal 3. In 2017, one of the founders, Shahinaz Dayekh, expanded these professional services into the mainland in Dubai city.

Revive Spa was established in several locations, including in hotels. We now serve over twenty thousand customers and sell several product brands over the counter. To assure the best quality, we have partnered up with high end products.

Every Revive Spa employee is thoroughly chosen and professionally trained. We require a certificate of a minimum of 600 hours of credit and an extensive knowledge of human anatomy.

We work with internationally recognized academies in Bali and Phillipines to recruit and train therapists up to the level of our expectations. To ensure that all therapists are in harmony and are constantly up to date with new trends and techniques, they are re-trained every six months.

We continuously monitor the quality of our services through in-house trainers and customer feedback.

Our mission is to revolutionize the spa industry by providing the very best mobile service that focuses on quality, comfort, and high end products.

Our qualified team takes great pride in delivering an impeccable range of treatments and massages, each of which is fully tailored to your specific needs.

Whether at our spa, at home, at the office, or at an event, our elite professionals invite you to sit back, relax and unwind. Let us do the rest and bring the ultimate spa experience to you. It’s time to be revived!



What makes our services extraordinary is our exceptional team of professionals.
Each member of our team is hand selected, carefully trained and comes with a great deal of knowledge and experience. They take pride in their profession and this is immediately evident to all our clients.

All members of our team are fully licensed and have undergone extensive training. They are leaders in their communities with an abundance of experience in their fields, having worked at some of the most renowned spas around the globe, and continuously updating their training and knowledge. They have all worked with VIP clientele, athletes, and celebrities in both film and fashion, making them absolute "pros" in their field.

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Tel. +971 4 338 1889
WhatsApp. +971 54 333 0807
Mezzanine Floor, Four points by Sheraton, Bank Street Bur Dubai

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